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Diamond Guild Australia

Diamonds are used to symbolise the great occasions in our lives; be it an engagement, a birthday or simply as a testament of love. By choosing to purchase a diamond from a member of the Guild, you can be confident that the information you receive about the diamonds you are buying will be accurate and complete.

In choosing the diamond that best suits the occasion, your purpose and your budget we recommend you only deal with a member of Diamond Guild Australia.

Diamond Information

The DGA website features valuable diamonds information and resources. Our site includes information on the Four Cs of Diamonds, Diamond Purchasing Tips as well as information on the Kimberley Process and a little help for those Special Occasions.

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When you buy a diamond from a member of Diamond Guild Australia, you receive not only a beautiful diamond but also a guarantee of that gemstone’s quality. Guild members have been selected due to their strict adherence to industry best practice.

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