As February, the traditional month of Love and Romance comes to an end, many newly engaged couples will now be starting the search for an engagement ring to symbolise their commitment.

While the traditional six claw solitaire diamond ring is the long held favourite for many Brides to Be, you may want to choose a design that reflects your individual style or is unique and less conventional than the classic.

Here are some ideas for a brilliantly individual diamond engagement ring you may not have considered….


White diamonds will alwaysbe prized for their icy sparkle and brilliance but have you considered adding some colour to your life?

Natural diamonds are found in many amazing colours including blue, yellow, champagne, pink and green – many of which have been sourced from Argyle in Western Australia. Adding a coloured diamond accent to an engagement ring can make even a classic design more individual. Depending on your choice of colour, fancy hued stones can be more expensive (in the case or pink, blue and green) or less expensive than white diamonds (cognac, champagne, pale yellows) and if small stones are used to compliment a central white diamond can be a wonderful way to make your engagement ring unique.


Whilst a single diamond is the classic design favoured by Brides to Be, why not consider a design with multiple stones for a ring that will have great visual impact and can be just as symbolic.

A great alternative is a 3 stone design with a larger central diamond or 3 equally sized stones – often referred to as a trilogy design, three diamonds are said to represent the past, present and future which can be an enduring symbol of a shared life.

Alternatively, a ring with several smaller diamonds can create a dazzling impact often incorporating a higher total carat weight of diamond for less when it comes to price. Why not consider this as an option to symbolise the promised of a bright and beautiful future?


A highly contemporary twist on the classic, a wide band diamond ring can be a practical and stylish alternative to the solitaire. With a focus not just on the diamond but on the craftsmanship and design elements of the ring.A wide band design will often sit lower on the hand and be easy to wear without catching or being accidently knocked. A wide design can be complemented with a narrow wedding band on each side for a symmetrical look or on its own for a minimal statement.


Of course, a diamond does not have to be the traditional round brilliant cut in an engagement ring and can be a simple way to personalise a classic solitaire design.

We are blessed with an ever increasing range of fancy shaped diamonds as the technology to cut a diamond from the rough advances. In addition to the well-loved shapes, we are familiar with such as the Oval, Emerald Cut, Princess and Marquise, diamonds may be found in more individual shapes and faceting styles such as the Glacier cut (unique to Diamond Guild member jeweller Calleija), Ascher cut, Cushion and Kite shaped stones to name just a few. Why not ask your jeweller for fancy shape options when designing your engagement ring?


Like fashion, the trend in jewellery ebbs and flows over the years influencing the colour of the metal and the style of setting that is favoured by Brides to Be. You may have noticed that your Mum’s engagement ring is of a style and colour that may be considered lessfashionable than what is considered the trend today. Of course, she may have thought that about her mothers choice of engagement ring when she was getting engaged!

Trends in jewellery design shape the selection of what is shown in a jewellery store window and it will be easy to see the most popular styles for now. If you are looking for an engagement ring that is individual and reflects your own style why not consider visiting a designer jeweller and having a ring created uniquely for you?

There is no written rule that says an engagement ring has to be one style or another and a ring created just for you can reflect your personal taste, have a symbolic element and most importantly will always be individual and special to you. A jeweller that creates bespoke designs and handmakes each piece will be able to guide you easily through the design process, helping to interpret your ideas and preferences and ensuring that your engagement ring is as individual and special as your relationship.

Most importantly a bespoke engagement ring will stand the test of time and will always be unique.


The member jewellers of the Diamond Guild have a wealth of expertise in helping to select the perfect engagement ring – for your nearest member click through this link to view their profiles and to locate their stores.