This month we shine a light on our Victorian member jeweller Brett Wood, founder and namesake of Brett’s Jewellers located in Geelong.

Tell us a little bit of history of your business and how it was established.

BRETT:“I have been a manufacturing jeweller for almost 50 years and have had a love of designing and handcrafting pieces since I began in 1972. After many years on the bench, I opened a small workshop in 1989 in the heart of Geelong. I was fortunate enough that local word of mouth kept myself and two additional jewellers so busy that we needed a larger premises, resulting in a move to an open style workshop in the strip shopping precinct of Pakington St, Geelong West.”

“Today our business is situated in a heritage building which is full of character further down Pakington Street. Our boutique provides us with enough space for our busy workshop and a showroom where we can showcase our collection and meet with our clients and assist them with their requirements. We have always focussed on handcrafting individual jewellery pieces and also specialise in remodelling for clients who want to breathe new life into their existing pieces.”

Who works with you in your business?

BRETT: “We have a small but very talented team who are all as passionate about jewellery as I am. Between us we have a wealth of expertise in design, valuation, gemmology that allows us to offer the highest level of service to each client.”

“My son George now works on the operational side and I oversee the workshop where our two jewellers craft our pieces. Sue and Michelle work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly.“

What would you say makes your business unique when it comes to diamonds?

BRETT: “I would have to say it is our passion for offering a quality of diamond and jewellery that is not found anywhere else in Geelong. Over the years, experience and knowledge has allowed us to be able to source truly special stones and jewellery. We also focus on using only high quality materials in our manufacturing to ensure we create pieces that will become heirlooms and will last for generations.”

What do you find inspiring about diamonds?

BRETT: “What inspires us is that no matter how many diamonds you’ve seen there are always some that just amaze you. We never get tired of unwrapping a diamond and seeing its brilliance sitting there unset. They are also synonymous with love, commitment and devotion and there is a special feeling knowing you’ve been a part of that story with so many people.”

If you could create your dream piece of diamond jewellery what would it be?

BRETT: “To just pick one dream piece of jewellery is hard when there are still so many designs I’d love to create. If I could only choose one, it would probably be a ring featuring natural green or blue diamonds…they are the supporting actor that should win the Academy Award! There is something fascinating about their colour and brilliance that I have just fallen in love with, it is such a different hue that is not seen in any other gemstone.”

To visit Brett’s Jewellers in Geelong West please visit the members page for location and contact details